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 Joe M. fernandez

  • Germany 


I have enjoyed the quiz.


  • Australia 

Great quiz for practice. thanks for putting me out.


  •  Saudi Arab


Thanks a lot for the quetions. very helpful.


  • Iceland 

. Great quiz for refreshing yor skills.

 Bernard K. Mennino

  • Uruguay 

 Thanks for putting this together.The quetions are 100% valid.

Dong Peng

  • China 

 I took the quiz and was finally able to discover my weak areas.

Klaus Farber

  • United Kingdom

Hi there.Very thankful for the test.I finally passed it. 


  • Swizerland

I passed the quiz. But failed in the exam. 

Boris Prentice

  • Spain 

Very helpful test.Was helpful in finding gaps in my knowledege. 

John Carter

  • South Africa

I think some answers are wrong in the quiz 4.


  • France

Giving four stars because of the wrong answers in the quiz.

Robert Drake

  • Australia

Very helpful.Will recommend it to all my friends aking the exam. 

Donald Fears

  • United States 

thanks for this wonderful test. Was very helpful in knowing my weak parts.


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