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We have around 300  questions for practise on App Builder. This is other entry point into Salesforce Certification. It is an easy exam, if compared with other Certification Exams. Most of the candidates who try the exam on our site, fail first time. Only after practising for a couple of times, do they manage to get good scores. We strongly recommend that you buy the App Builder Salesforce Certification Questions for preparation

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Passing the Developer Interview Questions is always tough.
One needs to be aware of Customization, Development, Data Migration, Apex, Visual Force and Triggers. Questions range from being simple to very difficult. All questions have answers alongside.

100 Interview
with Answers
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Training for the App Builder (DEV 401) is important and sets the base for DEV 501. You need good foundation to be successful in Salesforce. This is a 40 hours one to one training with flexible training hours

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App Builder (DEV 401) Test Quiz

App Builder Sample Paper Free to Try

App Builder (DEV 401) Test Paper

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